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Pro-development City Council uses District Map process to insulate itself from challengers

Traffic weary Santee residents would not be happy if they understood the political maneuvering behind the preferred District Map just selected by 4-1 vote (Houlahan opposed). The final vote will approve “Map A”  by ordinance at the next city council meeting on April 11 in it’s own version of the “Hunger for Power Games.”

The council has rejected maps prepared by impartial consultants in favor of a map submitted by a failed candidate from the 2016 election (“Realtor B”) with close ties to a council incumbent (“Realtor A”). The Map removes the former candidate’s neighborhood from District 4, where it was placed by all 3 consultant maps, into District 3 where candidate “Realtor B” can run a new race without having to face Council member Houlahan again or having to face any other declared challengers.

“Map A” intentionally separates two incumbent council members living in the same area that would have had to face each other on two of the consultant draft maps  (“Realtor A” versus “Insurance Rep. A”).

It gets worse. “Map A” also eliminates two of the three declared candidate challengers and places the third against an incumbent rather than in an open District where all consultant draft maps would place him.

Development interests could not be more pleased with the map that will be on the agenda for final approval on April 11. This decision has serious implication that left un-checked is likely to add significant time to your commutes.

The City Council could have, at minimum, selected one of the consultant maps to avoid the overtly political map – but they did the opposite.

Mark my words. The election will come together in the following manner. The Fire and Sheriff PACs aligned with developers and the Chamber of Commerce will back two incumbents (“Realtor A” with “Insurance Rep. A”) and “Realtor B” favored by “Realtor A” who drew and submitted his own politically gerrymandered “Map A.” Map A Council Districts w Players


Santee residents have the opportunity to prove me wrong by making their objections felt at the next City Council meeting on April 11 and requesting one of the less politically motivated consultant maps, or by becoming a successful candidate in the next election. Look at “Map A” and the alternative maps on the City website to see if that potential candidate is you.

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