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  1. Santee General Plan Protection Initiative     City Attorney Title & Summary
  2. Santee Term Limits Initiative                          City Attorney Title & Summary
  3. Save Our San Diego Countryside “SOS” Initiativedeadline May 15.


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Santee General Plan Protection Initiative

WHAT IT DOES:     The Santee General Plan Protection Initiative protects Santee from overdevelopment, and prevents resultant traffic gridlock. It does so by amending the Santee General Plan to require a vote of the people for development projects that would increase density or otherwise intensify land use over that currently permitted by law.

WHY WE NEED IT: Santee streets and highways are experiencing significant congestion and gridlock. Over development occurs, in major part, due to General Plan amendments granted to development projects by the City Council that increase density or otherwise intensify use of the land, which in turn exacerbates traffic congestion and gridlock.

Without the Santee General Plan Protection Initiative, there will not be any requirement to place approval of a massive traffic-generating project on the ballot for the consent or rejection by resident voters. City Council members potentially influenced by campaign contributions from special interests will make the decision. Santee citizens need and deserve a greater voice in order to maintain Santee’s quality-of-life.

WHO’S SPONSORING IT? This Initiative is sponsored by, the organization that sponsored a successful referendum that overwhelmingly defeated a massive project on Fanita Ranch approved by the City Council in 1999. This Initiative is sponsored by Van K. Collinsworth, Preserve Wild Santee Geographer/Director and also by Santee City Councilman Stephen Houlahan, who worked together to defeat the Quail Brush power plant and to designate a segment of SR-52 through Mission Trails Park a California State Scenic Highway.


Santee Term Limits Initiative

WHAT IT DOES:  Santee Term Limits Initiative requires that no person shall serve more than 12 years, or three four-year terms as a member of the Santee City Council, with any portion of a term, whether by election or appointment, counting as a full term. The term limits are applicable to candidates elected on November 6, 2018 and candidates who run for future election.

WHY WE NEED IT: Incumbent politicians in Santee hold a significant advantage in fundraising that has traditionally entrenched officials for multiple terms and concentrated office holders in certain portions of the City, sometimes leaving other neighborhoods without adequate representation. Development interests cultivate extended relationships with some officials who themselves have held occupations that benefit financially from development decisions. Periodically, the City can benefit from a broader base of Council members with the fresh ideas and energy that are generated by competitive, non-incumbent elections.


Safeguard Our San Diego Countryside Initiative - SOS  

Prevent urban sprawl in rural San Diego County - petition deadline May 15.

We can't save Santee if we lose the county to sprawl and gridlock. There are over 10,000-units worth of projects that would generate over 100,000 vehicle trips per day to existing gridlock and violate the San Diego County General Plan. Sign the petition!


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